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V.C. Bud Jenkins has a BS in Chemistry, an MBA in marketing, JD Law, CHMM, and CHWP.

V.C. Bud Jenkins



Coatings Scientist Consulting Services

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1990 to present:  Expert witness for coatings, testifying in many trials, depositions, settlement conferences, and arbitrations.  I have served both sides, plaintiff and defendant.  As a fulltime coatings consultant, I developed hundreds of coatings for coatings companies and resolved coatings disputes in the field. Several clients specialize in making coatings for military specs and use my services to help them achieve their goals.  As a regular contributing editor to the Journal of Architectural Coatings, Durability and Design, I have written 7 articles on paint science and technology which have been published worldwide. I teach an industry class on Coatings Technology for the Los Angeles Society for Coatings Technology, resulting in a certificate that is recognized by the coatings industry.


1994 to 2012:  Expert Witness for Coatings, Independent Coatings Consultant and Lecturer in Chemistry at Cal Poly University, Pomona, specializing in Coatings Science.  In my capacity as an expert witness I have been retained, and have testified, in numerous civil lawsuits and two criminal lawsuits involving coatings defects, application defects, corrosion protection, raw material omissions, color matching problems, color changing problems, attempted murder and murder.  I taught a 1-year course in Coatings Science, resulting in an industry-recognized Certificate in Coatings Science.  I have presented several technical papers at the annual Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology convention, including papers on coating stability, color change with change of viewing angle, environmental problems in the coatings industry, and problems associated with overspray on bridges.  Four graduate students have earned their Masters degree in Chemistry under my guidance.  Over 20 senior chemistry students have completed their senior projects in Chemistry under my direction.  These projects are coatings projects covering the whole spectrum of coatings science.  Examples are freeze/thaw stability at zero voc, dirt pickup from waterborne emulsion coatings, correlation of lab work to plant and field experience, coating of oil base primer with waterborne emulsion topcoats, swimming pool coatings, adhesion promoters performance testing and corrosion resistance using zinc rich primers and conductive polymers. 

     University support as well as private Consulting for Industry projects was an important part of my position.  I formulated paint that was used by the University, working closely with the paint department to get savings on paint and to make sure it worked well.  The Paint Department also assisted me with my consulting projects.  With the student Chemistry club we painted 7 houses with zero voc paint, assisted by the painting crew who often consulted with me on their paint projects.   I worked on projects involving all phases of development of waterborne coatings for several Coatings Industry clients.  These projects covered selection of polymer to match the coating condition, selection of pigments to work in the selected polymer, performance at the clients’ coating line, manufacturing techniques, and in-can stability.  Using my coatings background enabled me to formulate related materials such as thin set mortar, self-leveling concrete, adhesives, concrete sealers, automotive polish, car wax, metal polish, fingernail polish, swimming pool coatings and cosmetics.  My automotive polish and wax is used by Jay Leno for his antique car collection.

1958 to 1990:  Past work experience that has enabled me to obtain this position is as Operations Manager for Ellis Paint Company,  a medium size Architectural /Industrial coatings company, and as a paint lab technician and lab manager for 15 years for three large paint companies, Celanese, Whittaker, and Reliance (now Akzo Nobel) in coil coatings.  At Ellis Paint Company I formulated and tested epoxy primers and polyurethane topcoats that were used on trucks and trailers used in Desert Storm.  I worked with Fort Belvoir to formulate several Army military specs when the drive came to have to comply with the new clean air regulations.  I also developed coatings that went on bullets of all sizes.  At Celanese, I formulated and tested military spec coatings for the US Navy such as the anti-fouling ship bottom paints, and the epoxy deck paints for the aircraft carriers and submarines.  I also worked on plastisol coatings in the lab and making them work on the coil-coating line at the customer’s plant. I formulated a conductive graphite coating for use in electrical equipment for a large car parts supplier.  I also initially worked as a painter for several painting crews from 1958 to 1963, which gives me added insight into application techniques and the things a paint contractor crew is involved in on the job. 

B.S. Chemistry, University of California, Riverside (1973)
M.B.A. University of California, Riverside (1976)

J.D. Western States University (1982)

C.H.M.M. Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, University of California Riverside. (1983)

C.H.W.P. Certified Hazardous Waste Practitioner, University of California Riverside. (1985)

Coatings Science course at Los Angeles City College. (1965)

Color Matching course at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. (1966)

     I was President of the Los Angeles Society for Coatings Technology for two terms.  I have also held several Chairperson Positions during my 25+ years in this organization, including Technical Committee Chair, Education Committee Chair, Publicity Committee Chair, Library Committee Chair, and Manufacturing Committee Chair.

     Seminars attended have been on all aspects of coatings science.  I have not wanted to overspecialize in one type of coating to the exclusion of all others. Therefore, I have interest in, and have studied, and have organized approximately 100 seminars for UV coatings, aerosol spray coatings, powder coatings, automotive coatings, coil coatings, artist colors, wood coatings, and concrete coatings, as well as the more familiar Architectural and Industrial Maintenance coatings.  I spoke at a seminar at UCLA on the environmentally safe way to manufacture automotive coatings.  Also, I presented a seminar at UC Riverside on the hazards and control of lead paint remediation to all the UC Environmental Managers.  As an Expert Witness for at least 100 cases in litigation, I have performed as a consultant, lab support chemist, field investigator, and doing depositions and trial testimony.

     I have taken numerous industry classes at the annual paint convention on polymers, crosslink density, waterborne formulation, inks, sealants, caulking, instrumental analysis and furniture finishes. The Getty museum in Los Angeles asked me to present my studies on mural coatings at a conference of world wide muralists at the Getty.  I am presently the only coatings scientist on their committee to research ways to restore and protect murals all over the world.

     I also serve on the South Coast Air Quality Management District committee for Zero VOC coatings evaluation.  In support of “greener” coatings, the SCAQMD asked me to be on a panel to present my opinions concerning the future of coatings to approximately 500 environmental advocates.

     MSDS generation:  Having studied biology for 2 years in college enabled me to be the MSDS leader in every company I worked for.  Then, my courses in Hazardous Materials Management, especially Industrial Toxicology, gave me the ability to write MSDSs clearly and succinctly, conveying accurate health warnings on all types of coatings and other materials.  As a consultant, and as a consultant to Info-Tox, I have written thousands of MSDSs for various well-known companies using BatchMaster batchmaking process software.  As new formats have been developed by Canada, the European Union, New Zealand and Australia, I have mastered them and written them in the proper style because I am familiar with the materials and their hazards.  I have already completed 100 GHS (Global Harmonizing System) Safety Data Sheet projects. This is the format that OSHA is presently requiring which demands knowledge of a wide variety of skills such as chemical, toxicological, biological, regulatory, and computer research.